Essential Oils

Essential oils are compounds extracted from the plants, which are obtained through cold pressing process. It can be always found in the roots, stems, leaves, flowers, or fruits. The oils capture the plant's scent and flavor and one of its privileges is that it doesn't feel oily.

DescriptionCan be useful in the treatment of muscular aches and pains, rheumatism, bronchitis, whooping cough, cramp, catarrh and hangovers.
Botanical NamePimpinella anisum
Harvest SeasonJuly & September
Melting point14-19 °C
Boiling point232 °C(lit.)
PRODUCTCaraway Oil
DescriptionAn ingredient in rye and soda bread, but it can likewise be used in other baked goods, It can also be used in savory foods
Botanical NameCarum carvi
Harvest SeasonIn its second summer, In warmer climes, it grows annually, & matures in late spring.
Boiling point193-231 °C(lit.)
Flash point145 °F
PRODUCTChamomile Oil
DescriptionCosmetically use, Chamomile essential oil is valued for its cleansing and moisturizing properties. Due to its soothing nature, can help ease the blemishes and dark circles
Botanical NameMatricaria recutita
Harvest SeasonJune & September
COLORDark blue
SOLUBILITYSoluble in alcohol and fixed oils
PRODUCTChamomile Oil
DescriptionMedicinally use, Cumin Seed Oil works as an antiseptic and anti - bacterial agent that eliminates harmful topical bacteria while preventing their future growth, thus proving to stimulate a strong immune response.
Botanical NameCumin Oil
Harvest SeasonHarvesting and distillation occurs in May & June.
AppearanceSlightly viscous liquid, Light yellow to brown liquid
OdorStrong herbaceous, fruity
DescriptionIt heal wounds, reduce and prevent spasms in the gut and aid in weight loss.
Botanical NameFoeniculum vulgare
Harvest SeasonFrom late February to mid-May.
Melting point5 °C(lit.)
Boiling point227 °C(lit.)
PRODUCTGeranium Oil
DescriptionBeneficial for reducing acne breakouts, skin irritation, and skin infections when applied topically. It may be beneficial for stopping minor wounds from bleeding. It may do this by speeding up coagulation, and by blood vessels to contract, causing blood vessels to contract.
Botanical NamePelargonium graveolens
Harvest Seasonearly June to the first severe frosts of autumn
AppearanceLight yellowish liquid
Solubility2 - 4 vols of 70%
PRODUCTJasmine Absolute Oil
DescriptionJasmine is often used as an antidepressant, and sedative. As an anti-depressant, it leaves you feeling uplifted, calm, and positive, which assists with depression. It also inhaled to improve mood, reduce stress and reduce food cravings.
Botanical NameJasminum grandiflorum
Harvest SeasonJune until November
OdorVery sweet, floral
PRODUCTLemograss Oil
DescriptionLemongrass is believed to Relieve anxiety, stress, and insomnia As it Reduce the appearance of cellulite for its ability to promote boost circulation and immunity. As it earned the name “fever grass” in some cultures.
Botanical nameCymbopogon Citratus Leaf Oil
Harvest SeasonLemongrass flowers in winter season
OdorFruity lemon like aroma
AppearanceMobile liquid
PRODUCTMarjoram Oil
DescriptionMarjoram can be a helpful natural remedy for people at high risk or suffering from high blood pressure symptoms and heart problems. It’s naturally high in antioxidants, making it excellent for the cardiovascular system as well as the whole body.
Botanical NameOriganum majorana
Harvest SeasonJuly to August
Boiling point232 °C(lit.)
Density0.909 g/mL at 25 °C
DescriptionNeroli oil may help lower blood pressure by reducing cortisol & a stress hormone by helping the brain to release serotonin & reduces the feeling of anxiety and the experience of pain during the first stage of contractions.
Botanical NameCitrus aurantium var Amara
Harvest SeasonApril and early May.
ColorA pale yellow to amber liquid.
Boiling point163 °C(lit.)
DescriptionHelps manage feelings of anxiety and promotes feelings of calm Helps improve the appearance of acne, Supports healthy digestion and circulation
Botanical NameCitrus sinensis
Harvest SeasonNovember and January
AppearanceIntensiy yellow, Orange to deep orange liquid.
Odorcharactrastic citrus odor.
PRODUCTPeppermint Oil
DescriptionImprove abdominal pain and other symptoms of IBS. relaxing the smooth muscles of the GI tract, having an anti-inflammatory effect and decreasing pain sensation in the GI tract.
Botanical NameMentha piperita
Harvest SeasonFrom January to March
Color And AppearancePale Yellow, or Pale Greenish-Yellow Liquid
SolubilityMiscible with Ethanol (96%) and with Methylene Chloride
DescriptionSage has long been valued in traditional medicine. It has been used to treat a wide range of ailments including coughs, inflammation, depression, digestive and circulation disorders as well as other diseases in communities across the globe.
Botanical NameSalvia sclarea
Harvest Seasonsage is best harvested just before it blooms
AppearancePale yellow clear liquid (est)
Specific Gravity0.90300 to 0.92500 @ 25.00 °C.
PRODUCTSpearmint Oil
DescriptionSpearmint Oil can relieve skin irritations such as itchiness, insect bites, and skin condition such as Athlete’s Foot and relieve headaches and stress As it believed to decongest nasal passages
Botanical NameMentha spicata
Harvest Seasonlate August or early September
Color And AppearanceLight yellow to greenish yellow clear liquid
OdorSpearmint oil characteristic odour
PRODUCTSweet Basil Oil
DescriptionSweet Basil Essential Oil is reputed to ease minor skin irritations, cramps, joint pain, muscular aches, spasms, flatulence, and exhaustion
Botanical NameOcimum Basilicum
Harvest SeasonSummer
AppearancePale yellow to yellow clear liquid (est)
Specific Gravity0.89000 to 0.93000 @ 25.00 °C.
DescriptionThyme extract may eventually show promise at fighting breast cancer, also the carvacrol in thyme oil was an effective anti-inflammatory agent with cardioprotective capabilities, making it potentially beneficial for people with heart disease.
Botanical NameThymus vulgaris
Harvest Seasonthe best time to pick thyme is in early summer just before flowering
Boiling point195 °C
Density0.917 g/mL at 25 °C