Fixed Oil

Fixed oils  are called carrier oils cause they have a vital aspect of an aromatherapy massage or natural cosmetic, Although some are odorless, but the majority of them have a sweet smell. thanks to these oils it can be easily blended with Essential oils.

PRODUCTApricot Oil
DescriptionMoisturises and softens your skin, Gives your skin a radiant glow, Protects your skin from early signs of ageing As it works to soothe problems related to stiff and aching joints as well as symptoms of cold, cough, and constipation.
Botanical NamePrunus Armeniaca
Harvest SeasonMay to July
Relative density (20°C)0,910 - 0,930
Refraction index (20°C)1,4690 - 1,4740
PRODUCTAvocado Oil
DescriptionAvocado oil is improvement in joint-related disease, such as arthritis, which causes swelling and pain in the joints. The oil that comes from avocados is a cholesterol-lowering food because it’s high in monounsaturated oleic acid content, making it a beneficial choice when it comes to the heart.
Botanical NamePersea Gratissima
Harvest SeasonNovember, December, and January
Relative density (20°C)0.912-0.918
Iodine value70-95
PRODUCTBlack Castor Oil
DescriptionCastor oil is believed to help fight and treat infections, heal or reduce the appearance of scars, control our skin's sebum production, heal chapped lips and fight premature aging.
Botanical NameRicinus communis
Harvest SeasonSpring and Summer
AppearanceViscous. Reddish yellow
Descriptioncarrot seed oil is effective at combating several strains of bacteria, it works as antioxidant properties suggests that it might be beneficial in cosmetics as a renewal of aging skin.
Botanical NameDaucus carota
Harvest SeasonEarly spring to midsummer
Specific Gravity0.96460 @ 15.00 °C.
Refractive Index1.49120 @ 15.00 °C.
PRODUCT Castor Oil
Description Castor oil has strong immune-enhancing effects cause it supports the body’s lymphatic system. The most significant role of the lymphatic system, which is spread throughout the whole body in small tubular structures, is that it absorbs and removes excess fluids, proteins and waste materials from our cells.
Botanical Name Ricinus communis
Harvest Season Spring and summer
Relative density (20°C) 0,940 - 0,970
Refraction index (20°C) 1,4750 - 1,4820
PRODUCTCoconut Oil
DescriptionCoconut oil can boost the moisture content of dry skin. It may also improve the skin function by preventing the loss of excessive water
Botanical NameCocos Nucifera
Harvest SeasonAll the year
Specific Gravity0.908 – 0.921
Melting Point75 – 80° F
PRODUCTFlaxeed Oil
DescriptionIt contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. One important omega-3 fattyacid is alpha-linolenic acid That breaks down during digestion whichconverts to DHA and EPA that used to protect cell membranes.
Botanical NameLinum usitatissimum
Harvest Seasonusually in the second half of July.
ColorClear, Yellow to Darker Yellow
OdorTypical odor of Linseed
PRODUCTHazelnut Oil
DescriptionThe high vitamin E and fatty acid content in hazelnut oil can help increase hydrationTrusted Source in the outermost layer of the skin.
Botanical NameCorylus Avellana
Harvest SeasonAugust to October
Relative Density0.912 - 0.918 g/cm3
Refractive Index1.465 - 1.475
PRODUCTLettuce Oil
DescriptionLettuce oil improves the condition of the skin, and expectorant properties.
Botanical NameLactuca sativa
Harvest SeasonSpring
PRODUCTMacadamia Oil
DescriptionMacadamia oil benefits the hair, Soften and moisturize aging skin, Heal mild wounds and Provide antioxidant benefits
Botanical NameMacadamia integrifolia
Harvest Seasonlate autumn and continues through spring.
ColorMobile clear liquid pale to light yellow
Specific Gravity @ 20°C0.911 - 0.918
DescriptionPeanut Oil can help relieve skin of minor irritations while reducing redness. Antioxidant powers found in its Vitamin E content help fight aging free radicals
Botanical NameArachis hypogaea
Harvest SeasonSeptember and October
Specific Gravity @ 25°c0.912 - 0.920
Refractive Index at 40°c1.462 - 1.464
PRODUCTPistashio Oil
DescriptionIt has the ability to increase blood circulation and promote healing, helps to control acne, as well as to treat scars because vitamin E works to reduce inflammation.
Botanical NamePistacia vera
Harvest SeasonLate August to early October
Relative density (20°C)1.460 - 1.475
Specific Gravity (20°C)0.910 - 0.920
DescriptionThe sesame oil nutrition profile is a great source of several key antioxidants, that are powerful compounds that help neutralize disease.
Botanical NameSesamum indicum
Harvest SeasonThe unbranched varieties mature earlier. But it must be harvested before the first killing frost
Relative density (20°C)0,910 - 0,930
Refraction index (20°C)1,4710 - 1,4750
DescriptionShea butter works as a hair and scalp conditioner that can help to heal in moisture and may help to promote hair growth, often used on the skin for wound healing and damage repair
Botanical NameVitellaria paradoxa
Harvest SeasonMay to August
Iodine value55.0 - 72.0
Specific Gravity (5°C0.89 typical
PRODUCTSweet Almond Oil
DescriptionSweet almond contains fiber, fatty acids, and other plant compounds. These compounds might help lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar, helping people with high cholesterol and heart disease.
Botanical NamePrunus Amygdalus Dulcis
Harvest SeasonAugust to October
ColorPale Yellow
Density at 20 °C0.910 – 0.918